Monday, September 30, 2013

showing up and using my voice

I normally do not share post from my personal blog, but I after filming videos for Love Notes Special Delivery and going into a vulnerability hangover I knew I had to continue stepping out of my comfort zone and continue to challenge myself.  

I have a very low speaking voice and can be unsure of myself when I speak out loud.  I want to change that.  And so I am showing up on video and pushing through.  

What can you challenge yourself to do?  What do you wish you were better at, and know you could be better at if you just gave it a try.  I dare you, in fact I double dog dare you to give it a whirl.  You have nothing to loose.  Really, nothing.  Step out there and "just try".  

Let us know what you are daring to do in the comments and we will be here supporting you.  


  1. I think you looked very brave and confident! So great!

  2. you are beautiful amazing and so so inspiring! i loved watching you shine on my screen! xoxo